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Ball hockey at Northpoint Sports

Bring back the memories and make new ones!

The excitement you felt on streets and driveways as a youth is easy to recapture at Northpoint. Ball hockey’s been a Newfoundland tradition since the 1970s, gaining an increased profile and more structured look with the formation of floor hockey Newfoundland in 1978. The first provincial men’s “A” championships was held that year in Windsor with sixteen teams competing.

Today, ball hockey is making a comeback and Northpoint is at the forefront. We’re committed to making ball hockey accessible to anyone who wants to play. If you’re ready to bring back those memories, we’d love to hear from you.

Join a male, female, or mixed ball hockey league at Northpoint. Or start your own league. Regardless of your age or experience level, you can play!

September Reopening: It’s On!

While Northpoint Sports is currently closed to the public, we are working hard to prepare the facility for reopening in September. In response to the COVID-19 situation, we will be implementing, and strictly adhering to, the recommended protocols for cleaning and social distancing. Additionally, to keep our customers and staff safe, we will be switching to a No-Cash (Interac/VISA Only) Payment Policy.

Your health and safety are important to us, and we are confident that the measures you’ll find in place this September meet or exceed the recommendations of health authorities.

Northpoint Sports looks forward to welcoming you back!


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